KYLE first previewed “Sunshine” with Miguel on his Instagram story earlier this week and the world got brighter for a second. Neither are strangers to happy, bright music and this song is definitely no different. Miguel being the veteran to the game and KYLE being a fresh-faced XXL Freshman newcomer, this collab is one for the history books.

This track being released at the end of summer doesn’t mean summer is over as the bright vibes make your speakers a beach. KYLE reflects this as he gives us lines like, “Come on down to Cali, see what summertime’s like”. This has been KYLE’s year, with his announcement of being signed to Atlantic records at the beginning of the year, to being named an XXL Freshman, a platinum plaque for his track “iSPY”, and the announcement he will be featured in the Netflix comedy “The After Party”. Hoping to hear more from these 2 in the future, listen above!