FAT Fly Freddie Lee Shows His Musicianship In New EP “3 Piece & A Biscuit”

The current state of the music world has lead to a phenomenon of R&B artists who carry themselves like rappers as much as they do singers (ranging from DRAM to Anderson Paak). FAT Fly Freddie Lee has entered this scene with a sound all of his own, managing to fit this approach and recalling vintage but never dated sounds of Rick James and Zapp on his new EP 3 Piece & A Biscuit. 

Lee is eager to incorporate modern vocal effects (Intro: Bless Your Soul) and show his more than capable rapping skills (Thang4U) but matches that innovation with a deep understanding of the roots of soul and R&B. Lil Thotty matches a dependable swing groove with lyrics that would fit on an old Blowfly single, while Mercy shows that Lee is able to handle serious topics about inner-city struggles just as well as the humor and lighthearted escapades the rest of the EP focuses on.

3 Piece & A Biscuit is an expert balance of forward thinking musicianship and reverence for the past that makes FAT Fly Freddie Lee an artist to look out for.