Almost everyone is unique in some type of way. Whether it’s the way you go about your daily schedule, the way you dress, or even the way you enunciate your words. But across high schools and Twitter groups every where, everyone likes to be apart of a group. People just love to be included in something, whether it be positive or negative. Rapper Futuristic, out of Arizona, let’s us know that being different is still lit.

Somewhere in the Middle”(prod. by kush mody) is the newest visual from the rapper, being reminiscent of the Brady Bunch theme song video. Brainiacs, ragers, cool kids, stoners, skaters are just a few of the groups Futuristic claims that he cannot fit in with. “I’m a little bit weird, I’m a little bit cool, I’m a little bit smart, I’m a little bit slow, I’m a whole lotta me, you should just be you”, is a stand out lyric of positivity that anyone can get down with. This song has an amazing message that shouldn’t be ignored. Check out the JDFilms-directed visual for “Somewhere in the Middle” by Futuristic.