There’s always that one girl or boy on social media that you wanna shoot your shot with but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Luckily, LA-based artists Dylan Reese and Croosh are no strangers to the game. “Pretty Girl From The Internet” is the latest work from Dylan, fresh off his EP “Vanilla” that debuted at number 14 on the iTunes charts. Featuring the voice talents of Croosh, this Moses Jean-produced track is a slow jam of love only millenials can relate to.

The direct messages can be a battle ground for the unprepared or untrained. The way they both surf over the track with smooth precision and voices that no Instagram model would dare turn a blind eye to, there’s no doubt their intentions were heard loud and clear by this pretty girl. Listen to Dylan Reese and Croosh croon to a “Pretty Girl from the Internet” above!