Chris Miles has been on fire the past few years, signing with the major record label Warner at age 15, touring nationally and worldwide with social media star-group Magcon, and the release of his EP “Milestones”. This streak has not faltered with the drop of a new Dirty Kutz-directed visual “Cannot Relate”. The Tal Halperin produced track is smooth in nature, but has hard hitting bars of wealth, self-realization, and lost love.

Being a teenage millionaire, Miles is no stranger to going from being a normal kid to skyrocketing to not being like most of the population. With that comes the stresses of the celebrity life . Lines like “Paranoia blowing up my brain, woke up on a plane”, shows how his life is not relatable to most. The video is an eyeful with quick transitions, colorful lighting, and daydreaming-esque cartoon drawing. Overall this video is a must see, check it out above!

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