Terral T Releases One Of The Finest Mixtapes Of The Year In “Sooner Than Later” (Review)

It always saddens me when a truly dope MC doesn’t get the love, plays, and recognition he/she deserves. I started flowsfordays to shine light on these artists, and give them a proper write up and praise. I’m sure it’s difficult to put in hella work in a song, video, or project and not be applauded for their work. It is something I aim to change (or at least bring attention to) in the declining hip hop blog industry.

Terral T is a young hip hop artist born in San Bernardino, California, and is the PERFECT example of the latter. He has just dropped one of the finest tapes this side of September. It’s 13 tracks long – and hasn’t hit 50 plays. Sooner Than Later is a sonic wonderland that never falters in quality. The sequencing is superb – an art that is lost in the SoundCloud universe. Terral has a way of turning seemingly braggadocios rhymes into pure skill – proving his flow, even bars set him apart from the rest. You’ll hear this from the jump on intro track Crude, a confident portrayal of his competence on the mic. Drama comes straight after with a hazy yet high energy beat, providing an apt backdrop for Terral to talk his shit.

It is important to notice Terral’s creativity throughout the project. There are interludes (I.E. 2:29 AM) that help tell his story in an abstract way. Nothing about his production choices stays stale or the same, making Sooner Than Later an exciting listen. I was unsure of how Terral would approach the next track and how it would fit in into his story line. *spoiler: it always did, beautifully.

The most experimental and atmospheric record comes in L’s to W’s – but it’s not for show.  It slows things down and gives the listener more to think about. The song is equal parts easy to listen to and intriguing. Terral has outstanding story telling skills. He is able to weave in and out of emotions, honesty, and autobiographical material. The second to last track, No Regrets, pulls everything together. It is the last 10 pages of a book that he has penned throughout 11 tracks. The closer, Till Next Time will captivate the listener – perhaps creating a “what’s next?” effect. I truly hope the project garners more attention – as it’s one of my favorites of the year.