Baltimore Favorite Chris Cassius Drops His Finest Work Yet In New EP “Chest Vest Music”

Chris Cassius has become a mainstay in the Baltimore scene. He’s been working his ass of, putting out visuals, songs (peep fan-favorite ‘Chirp‘,) and giving stand out performances. I’ve been covering his music for some time now, and I’d easily call him one of my favorite artists out of the city. 2017 is his year, and he’s been taking full advantage of the attention and success of his work.

His sophomore project, Chest Vest Music, has been in the works for some time now, and it clearly shows. It’s his finest work yet, and neatly compacted into 7 un-skippable tracks. The production is top notch – from CashMoneyAP, Lilvoe On The Beat, Tokyo Tendo, Nish, and Descentive Beats. He gets much more personal on the EP, giving us a snapshot into his personal troubles, aspirations, and the music scene of Baltimore. It sounds cohesive but never boring, as the songs stay diverse and engaging.

I was happy to see more of my Baltimore favorites Zheep and Al Hostile on Chest Vest Music, and got a formal introduction to other artists featured on the project (La’ Matic and Tay Santino.) You can stream/purchase this EP on any hosting site you can think of – just click the button on SoundCloud.