The Peanut Gallery – If I Go Crazy (Review)

This is a rough recording – I’m not gonna lie. The fault does not lie with rapper The Peanut Gallery, but with the producer. If the beat was on time, mixed properly, and louder, it would be alright. The Peanut Gallery has some insightful things to say – but I urge him to choose a different beat smith.

The lyrical content is good enough – reflections on racism, emotions, and his financial struggles, but it lacks clarity and flow. His previous record, If I Go Crazy, has much better mixing in terms of the production, but his voice is not strong enough and not on tempo.

The parts are there – but they need to be tweaked, refined, and honestly perfected for him to make a true mark on the hip hop world. I received this as a submission, and wanted my readers to know that even lackluster records deserve a review – even if it is negative.