Don Mykel Drops His Long Awaited EP “Infinite” (Review)

It’s finally here! Don Mykel’s long awaited EP INFINITE has officially dropped. I was lucky enough to receive it early, and after multiple listens I am even more in awe of his talent and versatility. The NY native has been killing it this year; especially in the last few months. His experimental single Hell On Earth, the single and visual to New World Order, and more. It’s all hyped up INFINITE, and after much promotion he has more than delivered.

His signature energy is still there, but the beats he rhymes over are much more experimental and glitchy. I love the direction he went in – switching things up to show a new side of his artistry.

The opening track, Notorious is over 6 minutes long. Although lengthy, it never faltered to keep my attention. He has so much to say, and conveys it in a unique way that no other MC I’ve heard has done. One of my favorite tracks, and his most abstract yet, is Lay Low. He glides in and out of the hi hat heavy beat.

Hold On is another favorite as Don is at his most melodic yet. Although soft on the ears in terms of vocals, his content is heavy. I truly hope you give this a full listen, as it’s one of my favorite EP’s of the year.