flowsfordays premiere: Juan Don – Tulips (Video)

Juan Don and I have linked before, but never like this. To catch you up, he’s one of the best rappers this side of the Windy City, with a noteworthy discography. I’ve always enjoyed his music, and even more so watching his growth as a human being and a musician.

He’s been all over the site, but today’s feature feels different. Juan and I are alike in many ways, so it was no surprise that I deeply connected to his new visual Tulips. It’s a side of him I haven’t seen yet; although I always knew he had this in him. The song and visual coincide with his poetic reflections – he shares a deep part of himself throughout the track.

The video is a gorgeous piece of art – and essential to the song. Director @Jonez___ creating a stunning representation of the mind of Juan. Let’s not forget the accompanying production from @emune_. Every element is in place to create a true experience you’ll never forget.