Las Vegas Native Teej Gets The Party Jumping With New Single, “Talk to Me”


Hip-Hop is officially the most influential genre in the world. No longer are we assuming. No longer are we being told that our claims are, “outlandish” or that we are over-analyzing the situation. Hip-Hop is now, widely accepted and has proven it is easily the most influential genre—but with every peak comes with its valleys. Just like Rock n’ Roll, Jazz or any other form of music that has been on top, sub-genres will without a doubt arise, as we’ve already seen with, “Mumble Rap.” Though sub-genres can come with plenty of cringe-worthy music, they also come with wildly creative artists who, in the right space, make some of the most forward-thinking music in Hip-Hop. Think Tyler, The Creator or even Father. San Diego to Las Vegas transplant Teej fits that mold to a tee, and if his new single, “Talk To Me” is any indication, “cringe-worthy” will never be an adjective used to describe him or his music.

Sticking to a pop rhythm and a formula that once perfected is sure to churn out hit after hit, “Talk to Me” is an infectious record that aims to keep your feet moving and your mind at ease. With a sing-a-long hook and writing mechanisms throughout the song that encourage the listener to to participate instead of spectate, Teej creates a unique experience for the fan, making them feel a part of the song as opposed to a consumer of it. Comparisons to KYLE will surely arise, and that’s not a bad thing at all. In case you’re not keeping score, KYLE already has a top-10 hit and an inclusion on this year’s XXL Freshman list. If Teej can craft out more tracks like this one, that comparison may evolve into a prophecy sooner rather than later.


Published by Ashton Howard


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