Loren Steps It Up A Notch With A DJay Directed Visual To “Hot Shit”

I’ve been following Loren’s career for quite some time. Thinking back – my introduction was via 2 Minute Warning. I actually illegally downloaded the audio – sorry Loren.

The Chicago MC has gone through tragedies, near death experiences, and name changes – but all for the better. It’s all made him and his music even better than before. Loren is making the best music of his career – most evident in Hot Shit. Right hand man Flight has never made a mediocre beat, and this one is no different.

Logan’s close friend and prior classmate of mine JKrown usually shoots his videos, and always delivers. For Hot Shit, Loren decided to link with my homie and ever progressing creative, DJay. DJay has taken a break from the blogging world to focus on directing, and it shows. This is his best work yet. Loren’s one of a kind personality always shines through behind the lens, and Djay captures it to great effect. His effects are spot on and the visual is clear as day.

Be sure to look out for the transition into a bflack and white cartoon of Logan smoking a cig. You can also stream Hot Shit below.