Lorde Fredd33 Drops A Hip Hop Hybrid In New Track “Possum Play”

As rap music ever-evolves, it’s easy to take for granted its history and numerous stylistic shifts. This issue is avoided however when artists like Lorde Fredd33, a rapper of unknown origin (though affiliated with Milwaukee based label New Age Narcissism.) He’s hopped on the scene to adapt the ever visceral sounds of 90s boom bap at its peak to a modern, oft-kilter approach.

His track, Possum Playkicks off with a re-occurring sample of Busta Rhymes’ Woo-Hah and an overt lyrical reference to The Pharcyde’s Passin’ Me By. It is then paired with a hard-hitting beat, (produced by Kiran “Q The Sun” Vedula) reminiscent of the beats on GZA’s Liquid Swords. Over this, Lorde Fredd33 uses his dynamic flow and voice to tell stories of his tumultuous past. He is both self-aware of the downfalls of this lifestyle, and ceaselessly confident.

Lorde Fredd33 finishes with his perfectly evocative and concise verses. He then lets the beat play as it transforms into a wonkier progression reminiscent of a beat by Brainfeeder. In his balance of proven fundamentals of the past, and the new directions of a constantly shifting genre, Lorde Fredd33 has proven himself as an artist with a unique vision.