Chicago’s best kept secret Goody drops the audio + visual to now Chicago classic “Ya Mans” (Review)

Chicago’s best kept secret Goody continues to impress me. We’ve covered his music throughout the year – every submission has been posted. His career hit new heights in June when he dropped his best record to date, Roc-A-Fella Flow. It was everything you’d want in relation to the title. I ranted and raved about it – and added it to my Apple Music instantly.

Yesterday, Goody made an even bigger statement with the drop of Ya Mans. Not only do we get the audio, but the official music video. Everyone involved delivered. The production from Chase The Money is insane. Captivating, energetic, and the best backdrop Goody has ever rhymed over. Dude has shown his love for the city’s historical drill movement – and Ya Mans definitely incorporates elements of the sub-genre. Still, it doesn’t stick to it. Goody delivers lyrical and conscious bars, touching on relevant topics to the city and to any rapper trying his hand at a music career. Not only that, he incorporates an incredibly catchy, and simple, chorus. He carries the song all on his own, and this should be considered a classic Chicago record.

The actual visual (directed By Jean Lamont) is shot in his city, on the L, and other areas that show Goody’s relatability as an artist. He’s Chicago to the bone – and just a regular guy, (sans his rapping skills) trying to make it out of the city.