Milwaukee’s Tyso SPRME Holds His Fans Over With New EP “While You Wait”

I love when artists dedicate an entire project to their fans. That’s exactly what Tyso SPRME did in his newest offering, While You Wait. He put this out purely to hold them over while they wait for his debut LP FF (coming soon.)

When MC’s put these out, you can often tell they are loosies recorded without a specific purpose. While You Wait is anything but. It is extremely cohesive, thanks to the brilliant production from Kloud Beats. Other talented producers take over towards the end, but my attention was drawn from Kloud’s first efforts.

I connected most to Tyso’s introspective track, Play Me. Tyso knows has to deliver on FF, and has decided to keep the right people around him. I’ve developed a very similar attitude; as it’s an essential tactic in finding success in your career and life. In Play Me, Tyso isn’t melancholy about the change. You’ll hear it in his energetic delivery, and the bumping instrumental provided by Kloud Beats. In WYW, you’ll  find a host of tracks for the R&B lovers, 90’s hip hop fan obsessives, and the turn up crowd. Stream above.