Minneapolis’ Farrow Displays Confidence In His Melodic New Song “Catch My Groove”

The hip-hop scene in Minneapolis often seems to pride itself on its impenetrability, primarily known as the home of independent powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment. Also hailing from this geographical scene is promising up-and-coming rapper Farrow, who manages to balance pop appeal with the same self-made independence the scene prides itself on having.

“Time moves slower when you’re poor” Farrow bluntly states over a spirited beat that augments his evident hunger rather than stifling it. In tempo and its ever-shifting percussion, the beat for Catch My Groove primarily resembles the sounds of footwork. Farrow nimbly balances between a sung-and-rapped flow in a good natured confidence, and melodic sophistication.

Despite being less than three minutes long, Farrow provides multiple verses and a sticky hook, while working with a beat that many MCs would struggle to navigate. These factors mark this track as a perfect introduction to an artist whose potential has just begun to be capitalized on. He’s caught his groove; now it’s on us to catch up.