Josh Waters Gives A Gorgeous Vocal Performance In New EP “1.4.3”

Women and R&B have gone hand in hand since the inception of the genre. R&B has gone through many phases, starting with the blues, then soul music, and finally mainstream R&B; most popular in the 90’s. Things have definitely changed since then, and in many ways for the better (shout out to Anderson .Paak.)

There is definitely a lack of positivity in the genre, considering the widespread trend of objectifying women and calling it a “love song.” When I hear an R&B artist put out a project speaking on personal insecurities, heartache, and adoration of women; this is when I pay attention. I’ve finally found all of this in Josh Water’s 1.4.3. 

The 7 songs are focused on Josh’s gorgeous voice. There is no manipulation, distortion or autotune; just pure singing prowess. Josh chooses soulful production, often from ZThePro. There are records for every occasion, my favorite coming from Cater, an ode to a lover. Be sure to check out Perspective, a wonderful self reflective record which happens to include one of the two best instrumentals on the project. Smoke DZA makes a solid appearance, and the production from Big K.R.I.T. on Art Of War comes in at just the right time.

You can stream 1.4.3. below, download on iTunes, and follow Josh on Soundcloud here.