16 Year Old Palm Beach Native NameIsTAZ Drops Energetic New Track “Grip”

In the age of the internet, musical influence has been able to travel at a faster rate than ever before, transcending age, geographical location, and any factor barring the passion of oneself. This fact becomes especially apparent in the case of artists like NameIsTAZ, a sixteen year old rapper and producer hailing from Palm Beach, Florida who is just as likely to point to relative newcomers Pouya and $uicideboy$ as influences, as he is Memphis Rap heavyweights Three 6 Mafia and Tommy Wright III themselves (the former of which’s Walk Up to Your House is sampled throughout new track Grip.)

Grip is simple in structure comprising of two briskly delivered, highly braggadocious verses anchored by resonant sub-bass hits and the aforementioned Three 6 Mafia sample thanks to his raw self production. He makes up for this lack of structural ambition through sheer energy and raw vocal talent, as NameIsTAZ speeds through his triplet-driven verses with ease.

Even at the mere age of sixteen, NameIsTAZ is an evident force of nature on the mic, as well as an auteur in full control of his production and what he chooses to do with it, and it may not be long until he himself is an underground king.