Nolan The Ninja Grabs Quelle Chris & Denmark Nessy For An Impressive Leak Off His Upcoming Album

Nolan The Ninja has been on an incredible winning streak. After premiering the lead single off his forthcoming album with Huffington Post, the Detroit native is back with another leak, Modesty. Another big premiere came along with it, this time via Respect Magazine.

Modesty brings a gritty underground sound, often heard when physical mixtapes were exchanged in the Detroit streets. It starts with Nolan’s distinct voice, and then a bombardment of fierce rhymes. Nolan references “ghetto luxury,” a perfect title for his style of music.

He grabs Quelle Chris to contribute a verse, both sticking with the theme of being modest AND appreciative. The song is breath of fresh air in the new hip hop culture we live in, where the most popular songs are often about using harmful drugs. Denmark Vessey provides the chorus and thumping beat, even silencing it at the end of Nolan’s bars for full emphasis.

Look out for Nolan’s sophomore LP Yen​ coming soon.