Chicago’s Fairplay Drops His Highly Anticipated Full Length “Friends, Enemies, Demons and Saints”

Fairplay has always repped for Chicago. Throughout his numerous visuals and singles, he’s continued to tell vivd street tales about his city. He isn’t afraid to speak honestly on poverty, shootings, and corruptness within the police force. Last year he dropped a compilation mixtape featuring his loose collective. While he was featured on a few records, I was itching for a full length from him.

Today we’ve gotten that with FEDS (Friends, Enemies, Demons and Saints.) As you can imagine, it covers a lot of ground. The struggle continues to be real for Fairplay, but he’s able to expand on these topics throughout the 7 tracks. We really get to know him as a man, friend, and emcee. By the end you’ll be rooting for him to make it out of the city.

FEDS wouldn’t be what it is without the executive production from LawBeatz. He brought a lot of energy to the mixtape, and was still able to switch things up enough for it not to grow stale.