WoodieJ3 Drops A Classic Hip Hop Visual In “Introduction”

Artists tend to promote an upcoming album or mixtape by dropping a single. It’s a very common practice in the industry, and in my opinion, essential. San Diego’s WoodieJ3 did just that, but took an entirely different approach to his promotional campaign.

About a month ago he dropped the intro off his upcoming project, appropriately titled Introduction. It’s rare for am emcee to use the first song as a single, but it proved very effective for Woodie. It starts with a needle dropping onto a fuzzy record, setting the tone for what’s to come. Production comes from B. Young, who provided the right beat for Woodie to wax poetics. He tells us he “ain’t scared of heights,” calling himself the pilot with no hesitation. Hopefully we get more of this confidence in the future LP.

A music video can bring new light to a song, and Woodie decided to do just that for Introduction. He linked up with Mike Sels to deliver a beautiful video of Woodie overlooking his city as the sun is setting, occasionally rhyming in a low key fashion. He isn’t showing off, as the backdrop is a caged fence. It’s so simple – but incredibly effective.

You can peep the audio below, and look out for the project coming soon.

📷 @triggaaru