Superb Vocalist Blossom Links Up With HOT16 For A Captivating New Album

I love getting submissions from women vocalists. While flowsfordays is centered around hip hop, I am always open to something completely new. We have that today in the form of Portland songstress Blossom. Her newest album, Tease, is a beautiful, jazzy, and progressive project that will captivate you from the start.

She teamed up with talented producer HOT16 on this one, who complemented her deep vocals and outstanding lyrics. Comparisons can often dilute music, but Tease is linked to the best of 90’s r&b; a fresh reminder that stepping back in time can produce incredible results. Blossom made sure all the details were perfected, from the writing, to the performance, to the mixing and mastering.

It’s clear that HOT16 and Blossom make magic together, staying cohesive in sound, but switching things up to keep it fresh. Give this a purchase on Bandcamp, and watch out for the vinyl version coming in a few months.