Josi Green Won’t Settle For Anything Less In His Newest Record “Misunderstood”

Josi Green has not only become one of my favorite artists out of the Chi, but a trusted friend and supporter. I’ve posted him countless times, just based off his ability to make timeless records and fresh sounds. He’s worked with the best of the best in the city, and I’m not talk about Chief Keef. The 25th Hour, Plainro…the list goes on and on. I respect his movement and how hard he’s worked to develop his fan base.

He just put out a new track titled Misunderstood. I was able to listen to it in full weeks ago, and knew it would create waves. First, take a look at the album artwork (there is an alternative version below.) The great thing about Josi is he takes the time to create a FULL experience in whatever he puts out. Everything is meticulously crafted. Remember he put out a snippet of this song (and video) weeks ago to build a buzz, but took his time to release it in full.

Getting to the actual song, Josi continues to deliver his smooth flow and unique approach to narratives. He starts things off painting a picture of rocking shows, applause, and the inevitability of success in his career. I’m happy to hear this confidence which hits a high point when he mentions a label has to give him the right deal…or he’ll split.

Production comes from ROKMORE who gives Josi a minimal (yet intricate) beat to pour his heart out. He still feels misunderstood, as all of us do. There’s a strong message here; don’t settle for something that you don’t deserve.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.55.58 AM