California’s Chuuwee Drops His Best Visual Yet In Sativa Song (Blunt Raps) (Artist Spotlight)

California’s Chuuwee has achieved so much in such a short period of time. At only 26, he’s worked with Large Professor, been a regular on sites such as DJ Booth, Complex, and 2 Dope Boyz, and is currently signed to prominent label Below System Records.

His success isn’t a coincidence, he’s put in the work, developing a strong presence in the underground and putting out consistently dope projects. He is a multifaceted artist, combining traditional hip hop with elements of punk rock and R&B. His best asset is his songwriting and unique personality. He can switch from being politically and socially conscious, to psychedelic and reflective.

Since 2009 over 20 free projects have impacted, along with a few full lengths. They are all worth checking out, but I recommend 2013’s ThriLL and this year’s Paradiso (below)

His newest release is the visual to Sativa Song (Blunt Wraps) off his newest LP Purgator. Hip hop artists have been rapping about weed since the early 90’s, but Chuuwee keeps it fresh and dynamic. The track is not just about getting high, it’s a reflective piece on why he smokes. He wants to get “rid of the pain,” an honest explanation to why he uses drugs.

The cinematography is insane. It was shot and directed by xHICAx, who used colors, depth, and the right angles to simulate despair, and of course, smoking weed. Chuuwee plays the actor role, although the performance doesn’t look staged.

I highly recommend you peep more of his music by following his label on SoundCloud and personal Twitter.