Student 1 Gives A Personal F*** You To The Ones Who Doubted Him

Has anyone ever tried to tell you what’s best for you? Most of us can raise our hands. At some point in our lives loved ones have given us unwarranted advice. Anger and resentment often follow, and can drive us to do more damage.

Student 1′s newest release, i need (to stop fucking up) is his personal fuck you to the ones who judge him. Stu never intended to release this track, opting instead to upload a demo of it on his secondary channel. It was recorded on his phone while he was driving around his hometown, and after further thought, Stu gussied it up and gave it a proper release. The Minneapolis emcee believes he found inner peace and profound inspiration while in his car, enabling him the freedom to express his true self.

Although Stu uses a flow we can all recognize, his lyrics are heartfelt and a creative way to get things off his chest. I can more than relate to these feelings, and have never heard someone express it in this much detail.

Stu just wrapped up the official music video, and intends to release it as further promotion around the end of July. A new single drops July 23rd through Allan Kingdom’s So Cold Radio, so give him a follow on Twitter for updates.