flowsfordays Premiere: Journell Pierre Did Drugs EP

Journell Pierre has always stayed true to himself and his music. You only need to peep his last project, The Steve Jobs EP, to understand his genius. The project is centered around the perfectionist CEO himself, with actual audio clips of his voice from various interviews. Press play and you’ll hear echoey reverb, synths, and crazy voice manipulation.

The Philly emcee is really out there, and doesn’t compromise himself to trends or gimmicks. While I enjoyed Steve Jobs, I was overwhelmed with our newest premiere of the Did Drugs EP. This is his most accessible project yet. His vocals are easier to digest, and his content is more developed. Jonathan Rach, the executive producer, is as much to thank as Journell himself. He provided a diverse set of instrumentals to accompany the emcee.

The body of work continues the idea of finding self-worth rather than searching for approval from others. It doesn’t achieve that in a straightforward manner. It’s creative, well put together, and a thrilling look into the mind of Journell.