Cohiba Season Takes It Up a Notch On Part 2 of his On Air Series (Album Review)

It’s officially Cohiba Season, word to On Air 2. Cohiba put out part 1 almost 3 years ago, a meditative piece full of honesty and self awareness. After countless recording sessions, Part 2 has finally impacted. Cohiba went in a totally new direction on this one, using Santalus, Jay Cornell & Chuck Kennedy’s high energy production skills. These are performance ready anthems, and highly addictive.

You’ll notice the switch up from the start. Another Level (my personal favorite) is full of bouncing 808’s and a galactic backdrop. His confidence spews out on his delivery, as he’s making more money than he ever thought was possible. Cohiba has perfected his songwriting skills, specifically on his chorus arrangements. Just take a listen to Money Walk. Adlibs and vocal experimentation make the song far from a typical trap song. Art Basel has him reaping the rewards of success, and enjoying the lifestyle he has worked hard to achieve. A successful rapper deserves to celebrate on wax, and Cohiba has no problem sharing his excitement.

Still, it’s not all bottle poppin.’ Just peep the closing track, God’s Plan. Although Cohiba speaks on how less talented rappers, “should use their mixtapes as an ashtray,” the song is a sentimental take on why he will never be a one hit wonder.

On Air 2 is not only Cohiba’s most ambitious project yet, it’s his finest.

Photo credit: @josh.hoang