Baltimore’s YTK Exposes The Skeltons In His Closet With New Video ‘Bodiless’

Baltimore’s YTK is a self aware poet who just happens to rap. At only 17 years of age, he’s had out of body experiences, a series of metamorphoses, and soul crushing heartbreak. He’s an open book, and after just one year of posting on SoundCloud, his listeners know about his inner demons, conflicting emotions, and biggest fears.

He favors string heavy production, often utilizing harps as a way to express the heaviness in his heart. I’ve never heard intricacy like this before. Each song is packed with density and fearlessness.

YTK’s most renowned record, Bodiless, is my introduction to this unbelievable talent. I was hanging on his every word with lines like “”I’m Stevie just like the Madden” and “skeletons in the attack.” I went back to the audio after peeping the visual, which was directed by Aus Taylor & YTK. It’s clear Y had his hands in it, as he used themes and ideas featured in his TBA announced debut jimmymac.

I am dying to hear a full length from this guy, which is sure to take his career to the next level. Peep the song below.