Devon Culbert Brings Together Artists From Around The World On His Newest Single ‘WAYMORE’

A rapper that brings together 4 creatives out of 3 cities is damn near legendary. That’s exactly what Devon Culbert did on his latest single WAYMORE. Let’s break it down. Featured artist Isaiah G is based in Chicago (along with mixer Conner David), the producer Wize lives in London, and the artwork and photo above is from Dexsal, out of Devon’s home state of Florida.

Everyone involved brings their A game to the uptempo and multifaceted single. Devon is not afraid to experiment on the vocal tip and  rhymes. It’s hard to keep up with his rapid fire flow, but if you follow along you’ll hear references to lettuce stands, Kendall Jenner, Hurricane Chris and Minute Made orange juice. Don’t be intimidated, he links them all together. Isaiah is a more traditional emcee, but doesn’t skimp on the lyrical content. WAYMORE wouldn’t be a success without Wize, who utilizes just the right amount of UK’s signature grime and boom bap elements of hip hop.

Watch out for his upcoming The Life We Live EP coming soon.