Philadelphia’s NxG Makes His Solo Debut With Introspective Single ‘Knock Off’

NxG is a good friend of mine. Let me be clear – just because you are an artist and are close to me doesn’t mean I’ll automatically feature your music. I don’t think that’s a good policy to have; but sadly it happens every day.

After one listen to his new track Knock Off, you’ll understand why I had to post it. Noah is heavily influenced by Earl Sweatshirt…he always hits my line when he drops something new. It’s easy to hear this from the lack of emotion in his voice, his incredibly dense rhymes and production choice (by ako.) He lists his lyrics on SoundCloud, and I highly recommend reading through them. Although he’s studied Earl’s music, he has a distinct style that’s all his own. The song touches on NxG’s frustration with himself, and the people around him. It’s all for the better as Noah ends the song detailing his newfound confidence.

Even more impressive is that Knock Off came together in less than 24 hours. NxG is planning on knocking (pun intended) out a song each day this summer. There’s a reason why: In the past few months Noah has reflected on his past work, and realized he was creating in the wrong manner. He was waiting for the right inspiration, and luckily for us, it’s finally here.