Experimental Duo Leaf Set Drops A Modern Western Tragedy in “Cowboy”

When Chicago OG Neon Pajamas sends me new music, I’m never disappointed. It often exceeds expectations of his excellent taste in music. Let’s back up. Hip hop tagged as “Experimental” often disappoints. The music may be eccentric, but is either not “experimental” in the slightest, or is totally unlistenable.

Chicago duo Leaf Set is neither. Kwame & Jordan have been dropping gems on SoundCloud for years, developing their sound and perfecting their craft. Their Eternal Return EP dropped over a year ago, and we’ve been patiently waiting for another full length. Luckily we’ll get it soon, as their second EP, Film, is arriving next month.

It was only right to drop a teaser, and Leaf Set did just that. Their new record, Cowboy, is the first official single off the project, and blew my god damn mind. The song is described as “a modern western tragedy” telling the tale of the infamous “Josie Johnson, a female casanova, breeding only destruction in her wake.”

Read that through a few times. Then a few more. Kwame & Jordan put this all together in under 3 minutes. It’s a sonic wonderland full of deep bass, demonic vocals, and a blunt delivery. You’ll need to play it through a few times to take it all in, but once you do, you’ll reach a new hight of ecstasy.