Chicago’s Keeko Calls Out “Mumble  Rappers” In His Newest Verse

Keeko shows versatility and tenacity on producer Gold Haze’s cypher. hlp is a part of Gold Haze’s latest project, Dear Summer.

The Chicago emcee goes from 0-100 in the first 10 seconds of the track and finishes with a soft ballad. Keeko gives more than bars — he also showcases his vocals, which shows his willingness to step outside of the traditional rapper mold.

The beat bangs; there’s no doubt about that. However Keeko’s takes on the challenge and isn’t overshadowed by the heavy studio bass and snares.

Known as Keeko of Number$ on SoundCloud, he released his first EP, Soma & Photos, earlier this year. The project features guest appearances from other young hip-hop and R&B artists like Che Monet and JAQUIESE.