blake Speaks On Love And Change In His Newest Offering “All My Life”

For as long as I can remember, the idea of love has consumed me. It always felt like a language I understood and could express more than anything else. In high school, I experienced both sides of it for the first time. – blake

After listening to All My Life, I wasn’t impressed. I initially thought blake’s newest record was a sluggish listen, further accentuated by his self production. After giving it another chance I caught on to it’s beauty, and fell in love.

All My Life is straight out of blake’s diary:

Like most of my music, this song didn’t happen randomly. It’s a continuation of my story, one of which I wrote for two reasons. The first being my constant drive for emotional connection and the second, the feelings I experienced the first time that connection went really wrong. – blake

The song was a result of him sitting on a mountain in California, reminiscing on his past, and trying to work it out in his journal. It’s not easy to share feelings with friends and family, so I applaud blake for allowing complete strangers to access his inner most thoughts.