Canadian Vocalist Josh Dillon Shares His Inner Demons In New Track ‘SOS’

In early February, when my email wasn’t filled with submissions, I had time to do some SoundCloud digging. I found Josh Dillon’s LIMBO, and the rest is history. The track was his official debut on FFD, and dubbed “The best song you’ll hear all day.”

The Waycool vocalist out of Canada has become a regular on the site, and his newest, SOS, is just as dope as his last 2. It’s an uptempo ballad with a somber message. Josh asks us to “save me from myself,” as his depression and angst have completely taken over his life. Debilitating mood swings have given way to terrible stress and a broken heart. He tells himself he needs to “man up,” but willpower isn’t enough.

Not only did I resonated with the lyrics, but by the end, felt less alone. Josh and producer Martin Sole linked for the last 2, and did the damn thing again. Martin provided the high bass and hard hitting drums to create Josh’s best song yet.