Javon Comes Back With A Vengeance In His New Record ‘Eminem Joint’

Eminem’s signature rhyme scheme is hard to emulate; so much so that I’ve never heard a rapper even attempt it. It may seem like an impossible task, but Chicago’s Javon did it with his latest song, Eminem Joint.

Kill You is one of my favorite records off the classic Marshall Mathers LP, so I was glad to hear Javon use the instrumental to speak his mind. He gives an impressive performance,  utilizing Eminem’s signature flow. He stays true to his rapping style, adding in one liners such as “I treat her like a Groupon.” Javon also speaks on his trials and tribulations in the city. This is an updated version of the original, as Kill you dropped 17 years ago.

Javon hasn’t dropped a record in over a year, so treat this as his official comeback. More music is coming soon, so keep it locked on his SoundCloud page.