New York’s Don Mykel Stays True To His Roots On New Track ‘Return Of The Don’

It’s not hard to tell that NY rapper Don Mykel takes inspiration from legends like Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas. He incorporates their best assets into his music, most notably on his 2016 project G.O.D. Mykel: The Last Martyr. Legendary hip hop blogs such as hotnewhiphop and DJ Booth have given him his due respect, and other blogs are beginning to take notice (including me.)

Return Of The Don is the first teaser off his Infinite EP coming this summer, and totally blew me away. He has the personality of Tupac, the heavy bars of Nas, and the demeanor of Jay-Z. They are all Dons in my book, and will stay legends no matter who else comes along.

I can see Don getting there, but on his own, as he has brought an entirely new sound to the popular rap of today. Return Of The Don is full of confidence, compelling narratives, and wordplay like you’ve never heard. Let’s not forget the insane production from Blue Magic, who may be the most underrated producer I’ve heard this year. Keep watch as a visual to the track is supposedly coming soon…

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