Throwback: My First Compilation Tape Off My Old Hip Hop Blog Featured Saba! WTF?!

Many of my readers may not know that I started a pretty successful hip hop blog in 2011.  I had just enrolled at Columbia College, a well-renowned arts school in Chicago. Majors included (but not limited to) photography, animation, theater, and poetry. In 2014 I received a Bachelors of Arts in music business. Throughout those 3 years I worked tirelessly on my site, as it was very similar to flowsfordays. Artists submitted their work, I built great relationships, and I worked with a lot of Chicago rappers.

The blog was active until 2016, but at the top of the year I was lethargic, and no longer liked where it was going. I despised the URL, (it was way too long) and the layout. It wasn’t until August of the same year that I became inspired to develop something better. At that moment I started flowsfordays.

Don’t get me wrong, I put out some great content. Interviews and reviews were abundant. flowsfordays will be turning a year old in just over 2 months, so I’ve decided to go back in time and post some of my favorite work off the old site.

About a month ago I put out the first flowsfordays compilation tape. But, this wasn’t my first go at it. In 2013 I contacted a bunch of artists whose work I loved and admired. Many of them had become great friends. It’s crazy to see that I actually spoke to guys like Saba, Tree and Brian Fresco. I linked with Saba as he was my fellow classmate in an Internet Marketing class taught by  Closed Session’s founder Alex Fruchter. Chance The Rapper also came to my class before the release of Acid Rap…but that’s another story. Still – this was a great project, and an enjoyable experience for me.

Disclaimer: that album art is GOD AWFUL, but hey, I tried.

So…peep above, download, and remember, hard work does pay off.