Paris Mason Grabs Sahvannes For His Most Reflective Track Yet

Paris Mason​, born in Phoenix, but now residing in Kansas, has a penchant for embracing his experiences – good and bad. Creating music has given him a newfound appreciation for the simpler things in life.

His new record, Purple Rain, is an ode to Prince, (obviously) and stays with the above theme. Paris has become fed up with mainstream hip hop, and has begun to draw inspiration from iconic figures he looks up to.

In the “experimental” hip hop track, he reflects on his music career, and realizes he needs to start having fun with it. Featured artist Sahvannes​ contributes unfiltered verses towards the end, giving us stream of conscious rhymes. These two, along with producer Blackrose and vocals from Bezdawg, have given us a song that is as dark as it is unique. Peep above.