ZAK. Makes His Strongest Statement Yet In New Song ‘Wasted’

Washington’s ZAK. has done the (nearly) impossible. Just 2 months and 4 tracks in, he’s amassed over 1.5K SoundCloud followers and a devout fan base. I was first introduced to him through his submission to On The Line. I loved it so much I reached out immediately, hoping to conduct a dissection interview. Thankfully, it happened (read here.)

That was just a month ago, and since, 2 songs have impacted. In his newest, Wasted, ZAK. makes he’s strongest statement yet. He’s finally taking his career into his own hands. This is a lesson we will all eventually have to learn.

As always, ZAK. uses vocal effects, excellent songwriting, and choice production to capture the moment. This time he collaborated with North Carolina’s super producer Solo Steeze. ZAK. hopes to work with him again. I second that.