Amon Shows His Versatility in New Self-Produced Singles ‘Happy’ + ‘Simba’

If you want to be overwhelmed by music, just check out Amon’s SoundCloud page. The uploads are endless, as he has vowed to drop a new song every week. We are on week 43, and there hasn’t been a subpar record yet. As such, it’s hard to keep up, but I’ve done my best, with 6 features and one interview. 

Amon is able to make all types of music, as best shown through his latest two releases. Happy is my favorite from him (so far.) It’s 4 full minutes about one of the most vital human emotions. The chorus says it all: “I just want to be happy, I don’t want to be sad.” Although the sentiment may sound simple, anyone can relate. Bars are still spit, and stay magnificent.

Amon’s very latest, Simba, is something entirely new. With a two step bounce and fiercer lyrics, he evokes confidence and relentlessness.

Remember – Amon produces almost all of his singles. Happy and Simba stay in that vein. Try to find a more consistent, hardworking, and multi-talented emcee from Cali. It might take awhile.