Rich Hunter + Joyya Marie Made Me Smile Again In Their Newest Visual

When uplifting music hits my inbox, it’s always met with a warm welcome. Long time Portland vocalist Rich Hunter gave me that fuzzy feeling in his new visual to Smile Again. The video, filmed and directed by Dustin Tolman, is a nice representation of how simple it can be to spread positivity and warmth. In the short film, You will find Rich taking a ride through his city, spreading positive vibrations along the way.

There is a need for love and change in the world, and Rich deems it more than possible. Featured artist Joyya Marie provides the silky vocals, while the live guitar work comes courtesy of Rich and his brother David Thomson.

Smile Again is off of Rich’s newest album Third Eye Inspiration, and will give you a nice overview of what the project is all about. It’s a family affair as his brother co-produced the entire LP, giving it an effortless feel.

You can stream Third Eye below.