Cali’s spill.rah Drops Another Exceptional Single in ‘party 4 u’

Since the inception of flowsfordays, I’ve received a countless number of PartyNextDoor imitators. Many standout out on their own, offering catchy audible treats that rack up thousands of plays. Still, copycats stay in my inbox, and they are often disappointing at best.

San Fernando Valley’s spill.rah is the rare exception. Fresh to my ears, the brand new recording artist has already made it on Hotnewhiphop for his song Like That. The site praised his songwriting abilities, and his ease of switching vocal styles.

After listening to his newest, party 4 u, I understand their description. You can hear hundreds of thousands of songs on SoundCloud with some type of voice manipulation, but they often use only one style. spill is different; as he uses a perfect balance of slight auto-tune and his own impressive vocals. The lyrics aren’t too complex, but benefits the catchiness of the track.

spill speaks on his newfound mindset; enjoying life instead of staying stuck on an ex. He is known for working with multi-platinum producer MdL, who once again contributes an ambient, 808 heavy soundscape for him to sing over.

¬†Surprisingly spill has just over 80 followers, so I urge you to check out more of his music here. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.