Portland’s Finest Al-One the Remedy Drops His Best EP Yet in ‘Sharptongue’

Can you imagine an emcee rapping for 13 years, and never dropping a bad project? It almost never happens, and if it does, there’s probably a reason for it. This is the case with Al-One The Remedy, one of the most consistent rappers out of Portland. He’s progressed every year from his singles, to his visuals, to his full LP’s.

Al has always used sharp lyricism, boom-bap beats, and introspection, but his newest EP – Sharptongue is him at his peak. His rhymes are more complex, and the production is completely polished. Still, he stays confident and braggadocios, and even speaks on serious topics such as drug abuse. Any rap fan will find at least one song they’re rocking with.

A bulk of the production is handled by Portland’s own Rey Holiday with guest production from Chase Moore, Pale Soul, and super-producer Illmind. Their contributions make the the EP sound diverse, but always cohesive. Features from MC’s Theory Hazit, Illmaculate, Serge Severe (and more) keep the project interesting, as each offers different perspectives and intellectual tidbits.

You can peep the EP above, and be sure to check out my favorites: Good God Bad Business, Legends of the Fall and How Many More.

Sharptongue is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.