2Ru3 – Life’s A B**** Freestyle (Revisited Track)

South Carolina isn’t known for their bourgeoning hip hop scene. There are a lot of dope underground artists, but they largely go unnoticed. Emcee 2Ru3 isn’t much concerned with the spotlight, as his main mission is to spread truth and knowledge to the world at large. He hasn’t quite popped yet, but the elements are in place.

Last year he dropped a revisited project titled 2Ru3 Stylin’. It went under the radar, possibly because of 2Ru3’s unique vocal style. But, make no mistake, he does have a lot to say, and is able to translate it into complex bars.

My top pick is his freestyle to Nas’ Life’s A B****. It is his most accessible track, but may be hard to digest upon first listen. I urge you to stick with it and deconstruct what he’s actually saying, because it’s full of intellectual content.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, you check out the chopped + screwed collaboration between 2Ru3 and DJ Lil Steve (from The Chopstars, below.) You can follow 2Ru3 on SoundCloud here.