SoloSam Drops ‘Hysteria’, the Content Heavy Hip Hop We’ve Been Missing

I am super late on submissions – and I apologize. I’m getting my PR business off the ground, working on finding contributors, and re-evaluating my life. I am very focused on bringing back the posts and continuing to support the amazing artists that have submitted their music.

What better way to start then with Chicago’s SoloSam? Dude actually went to my high school, which is crazy as class sizes can be as low as 40 kids. We got in touch a few months ago, and I was excited to see his career taking off in the Chicago scene. With his recent release – Hysteria, he has proven his music has gone global as it was premiered by Earmilk, one of my favorite blogs of all time.

He actually sent it to me early which was very flattering, and it hit home right away. In the chorus he speaks on grinding for yourself, spending time with people that support you and help you grow, and not “staying under the covers.” I no longer have a relationship with my mom and dad (more on that later) and I am essentially alone. I have turned a new leaf – only working harder, staying healthier, and being more kind and genuine. It is great to hear an artist speak on this overarching theme.

Sam also shows off his ability to create his own unique chorus, then diving in to his always potent bars. This is CONTENT RAP, the stuff that is lacking in this SoundCloud rapper society.

More good news – Hysteria is single leading up to the release of SoloSam’s self produced project “EgoCentrism” due to come out this year. Let’s also praise BanksTheGenius engineering work, as he always delivers.