[neonpajamas] Records Presents: Sleep Vol. 1 (New Compilation Tape)

Chicago mainstay Ben Niespodziany (aka Neon Pajamas) is a wizard at putting together instrumental playlists. He’s done it more times than I can count in his long and fruitful career as a blogger. His newest, Sleep Vol. 1, isn’t just another SoundCloud release. It coincides with the announcement of his new label [neonpajamas] Records.

The producers featured may be familiar to some, but I know without asking that Ben knows these guys, respects them, and probably worked with them closely throughout this process. He chooses features carefully, and there is usually a meaning behind the selection.

The goal of the project is to help you get some great rest, and I’m certain you’ll feel at least somewhat drowsy. It is the first in an ongoing series of relaxing playlists that are sure to take you away.