Jae Haze (feat. Ya Ya White) – Glow Up (Video)

I’ve known Jae Haze for years – as an artist, friend, and supporter. I interviewed fellow R.A.N. member Weasel Sims 4 years ago, and was soon introduced to his music. His songs and albums are the definition of hip hop; rugged, energetic, bar heavy, and ever flowing. He has never disappointed. Chicago players respect dude, as he’s been featured on FakeShoreDrive countless times, rocked shows, and worked with highly regarded rappers out of the city. Thing is, he doesn’t accept hand outs. Hard work, focus, and raw talent have set his status as the most underrated rapper out of Chicago.

A solo project impacted almost a year ago, and was his strongest work to date. Although he’s relocated to Atlanta, he hasn’t stopped working. Case in point his newest visual, Glow Up. It shows strong signs of Jae’s new and improved sound- from his even tighter rhymes, confident stance, and complementary production choice. It features Ya Ya White, another unique rapper who contributes some nice verses.

Jae and I have some things in the works as we’ve recently reconnected as business partners and as friends. It’s been a blessing to talk to him again.