DviousMindZ – Flower City Spring (Instrumental EP)

Instrumental projects rarely hit my inbox, but when they do I often play them throughout the day. We’ve only had a handful on flowsfordays, and I hope that changes soon. Perhaps it’s because beat tapes are not as common as they used to be which is a shame.

With that being said, I am ecstatic to post this project from DviousMindZ. The talented Canadian producer has linked with previous collaborators Martin Sole & Chris Rose to create an 8 track beauty titled Flower City Spring. It’s Dvious’ attempt to capture the essence of his home town, Brampton.

If you are a beat head of any kind you’ll find something you enjoy. Want to get lost in lush, ambient production? Check Downtown. Electric guitars and smooth r&b vocals? Visit Summer Breeze. Jazzy, live instrumentals? Opener New Hope. Every song has its place.

Flower City is a breeze to stream in full. Support dude by following him on SoundCloud.