Jocky Bay – OG Jocky (Track, Video, and Artist Spotlight)

Florida Platinum Dynasty Gang representative Jocky Bay has been involved in music since age 7. Initially singing in his mother’s church choir, he learned how to play 5 instruments by the time he was 12 years old.

Struggle often pushes us into creative outlets, and Jocky suffered early on in his life. His dad ended up going to jail when he turned 13, and writing poetry kept him sane. As time went on, the poems turned into raps, and by the time Jocky was 20 he decided to pursue a music career. He’s been working relentlessly on his upcoming project Florida Boi Blues, which is set to drop on Father’s Day. This is a very significant day for him, and a perfect time to release his debut.

I am pretty strict on our submission rules as I like to keep content fresh and timely. Although the official music video and SoundCloud stream of OG Jocky was released some time ago, his story moved me and I decided to make a rare exception.

The actual music and video are entertaining, but contain some somber lyrics. One sticks out in particular “Damn I miss my Daddy.” While sonically it may sound like a bouncy down south anthem, there is much more to it. Get ready for Florida Boi Blues dropping on the 7th of June by following him on SoundCloud.