Jay Wonder – The Heart, Part 4 Ways (New Track)

You want bars? Jay Wonder has got them. If you haven’t heard Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Part 4, get on that NOW. It was an incredible offering, and a precursor to his highly regarded DAMN. LP. The previous 3 parts were contemplative, and took time for listeners to deconstruct. Part 4 has him in action mode, ready to take on the world.

Jay was inspired by the record, and decided to spit his own truth over the instrumental. He sent it to me a few days before this official release, and when I told him he had a talent that could take him hundreds of miles past SoundCloud, he almost seemed surprised. In a world where humbleness and rappers don’t usually mix, Jay stays refreshing.

His version of Part 4 stays in the mode of meditation, emotional exploration, and monumental word-play, but remains Jay. Although Kendrick and Jay may have their own approach to song construction, they both are hard to out- rap.